AL GRAN SOLE CARICO D’AMORE with 59productions

Mid February 2012 and I’m in the great city of Berlin working in a old power staion ontop of the cult techno club Tresor  with 59productions for the re-mount of the Opera “Al Gran Sole Carico D’amore“. This is a technically intricate opera, live video show consisting of 5 live roaming cameras filming the scenes acted out live onstage and reprojected onto a huge screen above. Alongside this we have a full orchestra all inside the space of the old Kraftwerk Mitte building Berlin.  I’ve been here just over 3 weeks now and it has been a steady working regime and lots of fun working, and having fun with friends. So, lets get the classic work photo out of the way ……….. I push buttons.

And onto Berlin…….

On the first sunday off, (were working every day apart from Sundays), we (we, as in family Warner, Bruno, Megan and Myself) decided to have a walk around Berlin ad see the sights. First of all, it was frikking cold, and I mean really cold, we left the apartment around midday and headed toward the centre. Getting off the train at Alexander Platz  we walked by the river towards the Holocaust Memorial which was recommended to see,this is well worth a visit a very grand but tasteful memorial.

Following on from here we continued wandering round taking in the sights and trying to keep warm we ventured towards the Brandernburg Gate. The buildings around Berlin are ‘ace’ , everything is so big and grand which is quite deceptive, as quite often something places look closer than they actually are!

Heading back down the away from the gate, being the gown ups which we are, we passed the a bin which looked like the cookie monster and only thought it right to take a photo. Maybe we were the only people who found this funny…….

I think it was later in the week when Leo suggested that we try and get everyone together for a meal somewhere. Chris one of the camera operators on the show suggested a pizza place close to where we were living in Hermanstrasse. We eventually found our way there that evening ordered and were presented with the biggest pizzas I have ever seen, Jon took the challenge of cutting this up.

After getting through some nice wine and great food, Chris, who had suggested the Pizza place recommended we went to his mates bar in Kreuzberg. In the end 5 of us went to the bar which was a very cool old building stripped back to brick with smoothly sanded individually crafted tables. We spoke to Duncan who owned the bar and his plans to open it up during the day soo to sell teas from around the world, the place doesn’t have a name just T, or Tea, or Tee. Anyways we sat round chatting drinking Rum and ginger beer out of jam jars till late. You wont find this pace via a google search but if you go to the corner of Kopischstraße at the top of the hill on the corner you will find it.

So thats a very slimmed down account of the past couple of weeks, more work, fun and frolics to follow.

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