Post berlin……. 3D Disco, Romania, Cluj!

Berlin seems like it was quite a while ago now, currently, 29th March 2012, since then, again, things have been busy! I was back home for a couple of days and then had to head off again helping out with the guys from Novak for a large scale job they had on. The gig was for Gillette which consisted of 7 VJ sets happening in several different cities at the same time Romania: Cluj, Iasi, Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara, Bulgaria: Sophia, Serbia: Belgrade.

I was at Obsession club in Cluj Romania, which at the time I had no idea what was in store. We met at Novak studios at 10.00 friday morning (16th march) and from there, we all pretty much, had around 12 hours worth of travelling to reach our destinations. My flights went, Newcastle Dusseldorf, – Dusseldorf  Munich, 6 hour wait for the next flight, gave me time to go over the content for the VJ set:

Munich Cluj. I got picked up from the airport at 01.00 Romanian time and was in the hotel by 01.30, bit of a mad day travelling.  After an evening of vague broken sleep I woke about 09.00 and had a great view over Cluj from my room.

After getting showered I called Andreea who was my point of contact for the gig, we met, had a walk around the town and grabbed some lunch. I can’t remember what I ordered but it was chicken wrapped in pickled cabbage fried then served with sour creme and yellow cheese onto, to was rather tasty!

We later went to the venue to do video checks to make sure that all the kit was inlace and we could make a smooth transition from the house DJ to the 3D set. The venue wasn’t to big but it was cosy and already fully branded with the Gillette logo for that evening! Checks went well so we headed back to the hotel, I we weren’t due back to the venue till 01.00 so when we got back tot he hotel I spent a couple of hours wandering around the city! Cluj is a very old town with lots of character, in some places there were them many telephone wires dangling between the lamp posts the weight of them made them hang so low you could easy grab them!

It soon got dark around 18.00 so I headed back tot he hotel, it’s a stance thing with gigs like this when your work starts late. You find yourself just waiting to go to work, finding ways to pass time, 2 hours of reading, 1 hour of emails then i decided to eat.  I met Andreea again and we chatted over dinner whist she kept getting calls as she was managing many other gigs that weekend.

A couple of hours later after a quick, late night shower we met in the lobby at 12.30 to be taken to the venue. Cedric the DJ for the 3D part of the night and myself were due to start at 01.30, the club was quite busy when we went on, not full but around 80% capacity and a good atmosphere.

I did over an hours VJ set, delivering Novak’s content using Modul8 cut and mixed to the tunes with almost the entire dance floor wearing the 3D glasses at one point which was quite fun! The time flew by and around 03.30 we travels back to the hotel where i had to pick up my suitcase and catch my flight boarding at 06.00. I made it to the airport in good time but had to wait ages in the cue to get through security. I eventually got through, sat at the departure gate for 15mins.

we eventually got on the bus and were taken to the plane, it had been warm in Cluj during the day but now, at 05.30 in the morning it was fekking freezing! eventually we were boarding our tiny plane which was to take us to Munich.

We landed in Munich, had an hour to kill then on another plane to Dussledorf, landing in Dusseldorf I had 6 hours to kill. I decided to leave the airport and hop on a train to visit Cologne, just over an hour trip there, a wander round the city on a kinda damp sunday then i was back on the s11 heading back to the airport. In hindsight I could have spent more time exploring the city but didn’t want to get stuck and miss my flight home!

Eventually I was on my plane to take me home to Newcastle, had a nice chat form a girl from Bulgaria who was staying business in Newcastle and then fell asleep. More than likely i fell asleep in the most unflattering way, head back mouth open, catching flys! After landing in Newcastle I got the train to Sunderland where my mate James with his girlfriend Lesley had borrowed and looked after my car whilst I was away. Lesley knocked up a cracking Sunday teatime meal which was perfect after the madness of the weekend :-). I eventually drove home, said hello to my house again and proceeded to sleep for many hours. It had been a crazy weekend of travelling, and many thanks to Novak for getting me onboard for the gig, top times!






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