Casino Royal Blood

001 Loading In

Straight from the job in Paris I was on the Eurostar and back in London for my next job, i knew that we had a a huge circular gauze and 12 x 0.68:1projectors to cover it as id been doing the projection planning in the run up to it.  I got to site and met Rob who was running the job and we went through what was what and where, ti was quite a nice easy start to the job, not too rushed , just steady.

002 Gary with Lazer

Above, this is Gary setting up the skinny laser which I had initially planned to use when lining up the projection on the gauze to get an equal horizon all the way around. In addition to the gauze we had a huge led floor which tied in with he projection on the gauze.

003 Initial lineup

I was using d3 my favourite weapon of choice to line this up and had thought allot about the best method to do this when setting up the project. I made sure that the cylinder object in the project had vertex with matched divisions on the led floor, tis meant i had the perfect starting point for quick cal. I literally put a rotational lineup grid on the LED floor and used these to quick cal the projects to for the bottom points of the gauze.
For the upper points, placed a horizontal laser up to the height of the top of the virtual mesh and then used another vertical laser to mark the vertices where the lasers crossed. this meant I could create a point in the physical world which twas almost identical to the location in the virtual world giving me perfect quick cal points.

011 d3 world

The method worked really well and was very pleased that the thought and effort to get the model and the lineup grids spot on paid off. The gauze id bow in once it was stretched but that was the nature of fabric without any support in the centre. A little subtle warp between all the projectors pulled this in.


004 RB Drum mat

The event was a “secret gig” by the band Royal Blood and also a launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Normally the drummer would have a drum man down which helped the tech place the drums in the correct place each time but also helps to stop them sliding about on the floor. For this gig the whole floor needed to be visible and they were gluing small blocks to the floor to keep the drum feet inlace.  I cant remember how it came about but I ended up making a exact photoshop drum mat based on a photo of the original mat. I then put it on the led floor, and because I knew the pitch of the led it was scaled perfectly first time when displayed on the led floor.

005 From above

With a little pit of positioning and rotation the bands drum tech placed the kit on the led floor marks and pretty much perfectly lined up correctly. It was a really satisfying task and looked pretty cool at the same time.


Bryte Design were uncharge of the design for the event and Jack Banks was uncharge of creative video. It was nice to meet the Bryte team and also to meet Jack again who we figured out we had met a million years ago taking part in the first d3 training back in 2011.

009 Royal Jelly

The gig went well and everyone was pretty happy, theres a video for one of the songs below. I don’t think the videos do this gig any justice, it was much better in person.

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