Brighton to Sadlers Wells

Straight after landing from Venice after coming form he ArtAV job i drove to Brighton where I had planned to stay the night, catch up with friends and see Novak’s projection mapping pice on the Brighton dome as part of the festival.


It was about an hour and a half drive from Gatwick to Brighton, and such a sunny day, when i got there i checked into he hotel and then met up with the boys from QED for some food. Id been following this project with interest for a while from knowing the chaps at Novak and QED. Dan Grey and Rich Porter spent allot of time working on the best unwrap of the 3d scanned pavilion.


I saw some of the pre-vis in the Novak studio a couple of weeks before, the guys had done some beautiful light passes to great effect. In addition Dan had planned the projector placment so that it was possible to hit the columns on the front and behind meaning the possibility of multilayered content which I’ve never seen done before. 003-brighton-pav

I finally got to see the show that evening after landing and it was so good, everyone had put 110% effort in all the way and it showed. The event was incredibly popular and more people turned up each night, more than was expected.

Dan at the helm of d3 operating the show above, the planning of the coverage was so crucial to this and he nailed it.


Straight after Brighton is was over to work with Nick from year culture to put in a video installation at Saddlers wells. The first couple of days were spent in a dressing room setting up the servers and testing the content and sync locally.


Then we had 3 days to install the projectors and set things up in the foyer of saddlers along with some excellent help form the saddlers team.


The show was called Nobody and featured many site specific art installations throughout the building from the backstage, basement and foh.


Michael Hulls instalation LightSpace was particularly fun and I bumped into Jan Urbanowsky who did the animation aspect of the LightSpace install which was nice.

This was all back in May and feels like such a ling time ago, more inforation about NoBody at saddlers can be found here –> NoBody


Andy Finally heres a happy face from the Grnville Hotel Brighton!


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